Process and power piping are checked by the pipe stress engineers to verify if the allowable pipe stress are not exceeded under different loads (sustained loads, operating loads, pressure testing loads, etc.), as stipulated by applicable codes and standards. They check if the routing, hangers, rigid and elastic supports are properly placed and selected. Our team of experienced engineers has handled a variety of projects and can come up with the most exquisite solution for your project that is technically superior and cost effective. We begin with the Piping Conceptual design and then move to the Piping General Arrangement and Piping Detail Design and Calculations according design codes.

We prepare the following documents related to the project piping:

  • Piping Specifications
  • 3D model of the plant done with Intergraph CADWORX software. In order to understand the Client's desires, we organize the design review of the 3D model of plant in different stages of the project development using the most advanced software to envisage the outcome of the project in a very comprehensive manner.
  • Piping layouts – extract from the 3D model.
  • Pipe rack design and detailing.
  • Piping Bill of Quantities.
  • Stress/flexibility analysis for the high pressure and temperatures critical lines using Intergraph - CAESAR II. Performing stress analysis of various critical systems to qualify the stress and nozzle load requirements of Lines connected to equipment like Steam Turbines (Main steam line, Extraction, Exhaust lines as per NEMA SM23), Pumps, Heat Exchanger, Tank Piping, Distillation Column as per ASME B31.1 and 31.3 codes and API Standards, or related European Norms, Pipe Support detailing and Specifications for spring hangers, rigid hangers, Expansion Joints, etc,

We offer high quality solutions in piping engineering for different services:

  • High pressure steam / water in power plants.
  • Process piping in refineries, chemical plants
  • Compressed air piping
  • Jacketed piping
  • Underground piping, road crossing
  • Chilled water piping
  • Laboratory gas piping
  • Cryogenic piping